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Integrated Floating Energy Solutions Operator

BLUE SEA POWER is a Greek, innovative energy company which develops and deploys state-of-the-art Gas-to-Power floating integrated Energy Systems. It addresses regional niche markets offering flexible and reliable solutions, while improving environmental footprint in comparison to established systems. BLUE SEA POWER operates in the forefront of technological development and is developing coastal FSRP (Floating Storage Regasification Power Plants) with integrated LNG/Bio-LBM storage and power generation capacity between 80Mw and 200Mw.



4 FSRPs in Aegean Sea Islands (show in map the 4 islands)
Blue Sea Power S.A. intends to deploy four FSRPs with integrated storage, regasification and power generation units, in order to generate power and provide electricity to the local island complexes. The fuel used will be a blend of LNG/Bio-LBM and H2.

Our plan is to deploy the FSRPs in four Greek Non-Interconnected Islands in order to generate energy in a far more competitive and environmentally friendly manner than the existing set-up, in full compliance with EU directives.

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